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Chanelle McCoy Health: Novel Food Status

Our science-backed products have made history with first-ever Positive Safety Assessment from UK Food Standards Agency.

This marks the first time a CBD product has been granted this endorsement and is a major step by the FSA, paving the way for a safer more responsible era to shop CBD in the UK. Until today’s announcement no CBD food supplement product had received this Positive Safety Assessment for a CBD product in the UK.

At Chanelle McCoy Health, we believe that innovation and compliance go hand in hand. Unwavering in our pursuit of
excellence, we’re shaping the CBD industry with compliant science-backed products.


UK Authority – Novel Food

We are thrilled to announce that we have received a Positive Opinion for our CBD products from the UK Food Standards Agency. The UK is the first authority globally to conclude and publish safety assessments for CBD food supplement products.  This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

What is Novel Food?

Novel food refers to food products that are either entirely new or produced using methods not previously used for human consumption. This category includes CBD, as it’s a relatively recent addition to the mainstream food market.

Why is Novel Food significant for CBD?

Novel food regulations (Regulation (EU) 2015/2283) ensure the safety and transparency of these new products. By undergoing a rigorous approval process, global authorities ensure that consumers can be confident they’re getting a high quality and safe CBD product.

Chanelle McCoy Health:
Pioneering Safe CBD

Hundreds of CBD novel food applications were submitted into the UK Food Standard Agency (FSA) and the European Commission. We were the first company globally to receive dual validation for the UK and EU novel food application process for CBD, with application numbers:

EU Application number: NF 2020/1670

UK Application number: RP07

The European Commission initially focused on synthetic CBD when reviewing novel foods applications this was due to the lack of complexity of other components coming through in cannabis/hemp derived CBD.

This pioneering spirit is reflected in our achievement of dossier validation in both the UK and the EU – a crucial step towards authorisation.

Our commitment to Safety

A Novel Food authorisation/approval requires extensive safety studies to be carried out by internationally recognized Clinical Research Organisations adhering to Good Laboratory Practice and Good Clinical Practice principles.

This includes:

-Analytical testing to ensure product purity and consistency.

-Clinical and toxicological evaluations to comply to all the consumer safety OECD requirements.

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