Our Lab-Made CBD

As we are Lab-Made Ultra Pure CBD we have 0% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) present in our products. THC is the part of the plant that causes a ‘high’ and is addictive. As we are 100% pure, customers who drive cars for a living, teach children, operate heavy machinery, or even operate on people, have no psychoactive effects with our CBD products and can still enjoy the positive effects of CBD.

Although we are lab-made, we originate from the citrus plant, using citrus fruits to produce CBD by mimicking the DNA of the CBD component of the cannabis plant. Did you know 99% of Vitamin C and D on the market are lab-made?  There are huge positives with lab-made CBD as it means a product is Ultra Pure.

There are over 545 components in the cannabis plant of which more than 113 of them are cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN etc.). It is nearly impossible to extract pure CBD from the cannabis plant, there will always be traces of other cannabinoids, including THC. These other cannabinoids are all fighting to reach the same receptors, and can dampen down the effect of CBD, hence why you need a higher intake of plant CBD.

When you have an Ultra Pure CBD like us, it will target the site of action without having to fight against other cannabinoids for the same receptor, hence why you don’t need as high an intake with lab-made Ultra Pure CBD.

With an Ultra Pure CBD, LESS IS MORE, this is why the highest strength in our range is 560mg. If using plant derived CBD, much more of the product could be needed to feel effects.

Lab-Made Ultra Pure CBD guarantees NO other components from the cannabis plant are present such as:

  • 0% THC
  • NO pollutants and toxins
  • NO terpenes
  • NO heavy metals
  • NO pesticides/insecticides
  • NO other prohibited cannabinoids that can occur naturally in the cannabis plant

The importance of product quality – Not all CBD products are created equally

According to a paper published April 2020 titled: An Analysis of Over-the-Counter Cannabidiol Products in the United Kingdom, 29 CBD food supplements available on the UK market were tested, the results below were concerning: 34% of products had 50% less of the CBD content advertised. 1 product had no CBD content 55% of products had measurable levels of THC, above limit Lead, ethanol, benzene and arsenic were also detected Liebling, Jonathan Paul, et al. An Analysis of Over-the-Counter Cannabidiol Products.

With the knowledge in hand, we conducted a market study of our own; we had 3 off the shelf large CBD brands tested by an independent and accredited laboratory, and the results below were alarming; levels of arsenic, benzene (carcinogen), insecticides and much lower levels of CBD than claimed.

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